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The next day, I got the chance to meet Foxy. Nothing really changed about him: pirate look, red hair, his hook being held in his right hand, and his pirate accent never changed. "Hey, Foxy, your friends need you with something. I think they are over at the cafe right now."

"Yar, no can do, lass. Foxy ain't fit for their fancy coffee jobs. Yer better ask somebody else 'bout yer-" I slap him hard across his face, and that he looked down at me. "Yer better keep a careful eye, lassie! Why would ol' Freddy ask for me help if I live near the ocean blue, running the ports?" He takes me over to the sidewalk, keeping me away from the passing cars that drove past us. I took a deep breath and smiled.

"I'm not part of your crew, but the cafe is dry of customers. The pizzeria is drawing out all the attention, and that who knows what is giving off all the attention there. I want to help you guys, and that also includes you. Please, help Freddy and his friends step back into the spotlight again." Foxy looks at me, lifting his eyepatch off of his right eye. He looked at me with a pleased face.

"Tell Freddy I'm fetching myself a job at the cafe. I'll be there before the sun sets into the ocean!" Foxy then points his hook at me, finding it as his way of being a handshake. I took the hook and shook it, also seeing it coming off. As a matter of fact, his hook was a fake, as I see a perfectly healthy hand underneath the hook's base. "Yep, it's nothing but one of those fancy accessories people have, wearin' their costumes like if they were bustin' a play anywhere they walk!" I slightly laugh at his little dance, watching him skip and prance like the jolly pirate he is.


I decide to take the rest of the day to look around town. It was the weekend, and that I didn't have to work on the weekends. This town of Waterhill has a little bit of everything: clothing shops, grocery stores, book stores, schools, a church, a medical clinic, a library, a park, etc. There was so much to do in such a tiny place.

As I walked into the library, I bump into someone. He drops the books he was planning to borrow, and that he looked down at me. He was around in his early twenties, tired blue eyes, black hair tied into a low ponytail, white shirt, blue jacket and pants, and black sneakers. "Hey, you okay?" He looks at me, picking up his books.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me." I wonder how many times I say that in a week. "Say, I saw your picture before. You were on the newspaper. The only survivor of the old Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria?" The man nods and smiles. "...Then that means you are the legendary Mike Schdmit. It's nice meeting you." I take his hand and he shook it cordially.

"Thanks. I actually spent months working there, and it became less firghtening. I love the place, even though I never went there when I was a little kid. I have heard about the place's disasters, and I didn't even want to go there, ever." Mike sat down on the staircase, taking out his phone and showing me some pictures of him and the animatronics. "Yeah, I got so used to them, they actually stopped trying to scare me. I'm working as the night guard at the new location, and the animatronics there are a pain." I tilt my head at him.

Yes, the manager decided to replace the old animatronics with newer versions with the newest technology. As far I can tell, Mike doesn't seem to enjoy the new robotics at all. He really wanted the old place back, but there was no way that it was going to happen. It was already closed, and I knew it was turned into Fazbear Cafe. "Mike, are you available anytime next week? There's something I want to show you then." I see him look back at me, his books held close to his body. He nods as his answer, and smiled. I wonder how many smiles I got all day today. "Okay. Hold on," I take out my cell phone and begun to add Mike as one of my contacts, "let's trade numbers, so we can keep in touch." Mike fished around in his bag, trying to find his phone. After trading numbers, we shook hands one last time as I see Mike walk away from the library.


"You met Mike today?" Freddy was playing with the rim of his hat, knowing that he was bored out of his head. "He's a really great person. You should really respect him. Even though he got fired before, the manager got the chance to re-hire him again. We, the Fazbear cast, really do owe him so much just for giving us a reason to appreciate life again."

I knew that something was strange about Freddy and his friends. They seemed like they missed out on a massive chunk of our time, and they are just coming back to see what they never had the chance to see. "Freddy, what kind of person were you before you were known as 'Freddy Fazbear'?" Freddy looks up at me. He had this kind of face that read sadness. "...If you don't want to talk about it, then it's fine. I just thought I ask."

"No, it's okay." I can see tears starting to leak out of Freddy's face. He attempts to hide his crying face by shielding it with his hat.  Again, I'm not pressuring him into talking! I'm not even doing anything wrong to make him cry. If I'm not doing anything offensive to him, then what is his reason of crying? "There is some...dark story that is hidden in these walls." That was when I leaned forward in my chair. "Five children were declared missing from the old pizzeria, and that rumors say that the children were stuffed inside the animatronic suits. For the nights ahead, the spirits of the same children have been trying to find the same employee that shut them away from the rest of the world. Have you ever wondered what happened to them?" I look at Freddy, his mind already thinking that I know the answer.

But all I said was, "I never really thought about that. Did they want to be free from possessing the suits?" And with that answer, Freddy nodded. "...YOU are one of those kids...?" My mind was already racing, figuring out what to say about this. "This is...incredible! I mean, is this the same to Bonnie...and Golden and Chica and Foxy!? All you guys are alive, breathing and living your own lives!?"

"That's right. I was...afraid of telling anyone. We all promised that we would never tell any stranger about this. So, we just went by our suits' names. We also knew that no one will be going to the old pizzeria, we had to make use of it somehow. We sold off everything, bought the property and used the leftover money to re-decorate." I can't really find any words to say anything. Freddy was crying a lot worse than earlier, and that I see him using his sleeve to wipe his tears again.

Already, I knew that these guys are going to need more help from me. Maybe...I can ask for some help somewhere. And I already know one person that can help me in the meanwhile.
Fazbear Cafe Chap. 3 - The Man in the Making
Upon finding Foxy, the young cafe night guard Clarissa meets a rather new friend that may hold some potential than being an average person. Not only that, but Freddy sheds some light onto his past.

I am working hard at this one story, so I do appreciate it that you leave a comment at the end and tell me what you think! I want to give credit to an artist on Tumblr, for letting me use her character looks of the FNAF cast for this story!…

The characters/overall game of FNAF belong to their owners.
I only own the story. :)

Hope you enjoy!
I leave the office to hear some music in the dining hall. The room was already being prepared for the day. Freddy walked in front of me and smiled. "My brother and I plan to rename the place to being 'Fazbear Cafe.' I don't know if people will still be afraid of the name 'Fazbear,' but at least they can have some kind of stress reliever." Freddy points his finger at another male teen, who looks just like him. This teen had blond hair, a skin tone that seemed a little dead, his eyes' scelras black with golden irses, and his clothes in a similar attitre to Freddy's. "That's my brother, which we call by 'Golden'. Some people decided to call him 'Galiver,' and that he calls me 'Fredrick just for the sake of fitting in with the rest of society." I see the other Freddy walk up to us.

"It's a pleasure of you to join our little business. We never got your name at all just yet. What is your name, now that we are planning to reintroduce ourselves to you." Golden told me, his hand waiting for handshake.

"My name is Clarrisa. I used to go to the pizzaria, and that I really loved your performances. I was your night guard while the pizzaria was still active and running." I took Golden's hand and shook it. My eyes then darted over to another male teen. He had lilac hair tied into a low ponytail, bunny ears, magneta eyes, a shy face, and a different style of waiter outfit dressed his body with a purple bunny pin. "Is that Bonnie Bunny?" Freddy looked behind him to see Bonnie wiping the tables clean.

"Yep, that's him. He and Chica work in the waitering and cleaning. Golden and I waiter, cook and work at the cashier. We're still trying to get ourselves adjusted to the new building. Even though it's still the same place, we just sold off as much of the items in here and purchased the building after. With the leftover money, we managed to make some interior decisions and put all the new stuff in." Freddy walked me over to a chair, hoping that I would take a seat and keep my attention on high quality. "However, I can't do anything about our old suits. No one wants to buy them because people assume that they are still haunted." I stare at Freddy, seeing him tilt his head down in shame. "If those murders never happened, then people would buy them from us. They're still in good, working condition, but everyone is still believing in the rumors. There's nothing I can do but just keep them locked away."

"Freddy, we're about to open the doors soon." I hear Bonnie walk in, his hand holding onto a ring of keys. "I'm going to open the place, if that's okay with you."

"Yeah; it's the gold one with the bear head chiseled on it.  Turn it to the left to unlock the doors." Bonnie nods in response to Freddy's command, and leaves the room. "Okay, where was I?" He turns to me, his blue eyes peeking out from his bangs.

"You were about to tell me what you did to your old suits." I looked at him, and he nodded. "...You put them away somewhere just in case if you needed them?"

"That's exactly right. Don't worry, though. I removed all the animatronic material inside the suits, so they are almost like one of those mascot outfits in high schools. We would wear them if kids really wanted to see the old mascots. Since no one is coming in, I don't whether or not I should toss them away. I don't want to do that, but it's already looking like that." Freddy takes his hat off to cover his eyes. I knew he was about to cry, and that he didn't want me to worry so much. "...I'm sorry. I can't go out there like this." He tries his best to hide his weeping eyes, but it was much harder for him to do that as he spoke.

My own instincts told me that they need that attention again. Everyone is so scared of Freddy and his friends, and that they still think that the same animatronics is going to kill them again? I don't think so. I have to get people to change their mind on this. "Say, aren't you going anywhere?" I hear that cute, adorable voice for the first time this morning. It was Chica, and she looked much cuter than what I thought of her: anime-like, bright pink eyes, feathery blond hair, and her super adorable maid-like outfit suits her appearance completely. "We're going to have some customers come in, so feel free to buy something, miss!" Chica tried to keep her smile, seeing Freddy wiping away his tears with his sleeve. "Hey, don't feel bad about this, Freddy. We can make this work. This will be the second day that we open these doors. I'm sure we can run this place!" She entered into the room and pats Freddy on the back. His ears went up, hearing the front door open.

"Say, I bet I can help you guys get some attention." I stood up to speak. Freddy and Chica look at me with curiosity. "All I need from you guys is to find Foxy and put on your suits. I might have an idea to draw out an interest of customers..."
Fazbear Cafe: Chap. 2 - The Staff Team
After her first night keeping eye of Fazbear Cafe, the young night guard Clarissa sees the entire staff of the cafe itself.

I am working hard at this one story, so I do appreciate it that you leave a comment at the end and tell me what you think! I want to give credit to an artist on Tumblr, for letting me use her character looks of the FNAF cast for this story!…

The characters/overall game of FNAF belong to their owners.
I only own the story. :)

Hope you enjoy!
I'm having a large storm right now. I'm probably expecting a power out soon. If you don't hear from me, then that means my WiFi network is call t off.

Hope you have a nice evening/morning!
I'm having a large storm right now. I'm probably expecting a power out soon. If you don't hear from me, then that means my WiFi network is call t off.

Hope you have a nice evening/morning!


flowersun123's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I do comics, traditional/digital art and fanfictions. However, I check out people's stuff more than people check out mine. Guess I'm not one of those famous Deviants yet. I will get there soon. I am still in learning in the field of art and literature, but in high school. So basically I am self-taught.

I am also a co-founder of three groups, so feel free to give suggestions in the groups that are featured here.

Got my own ChatRoom! Check it out, and I may talk with you! We may even roleplay!…

People/friends that have go here!
:iconhazeltopaz: - my older troll/sister. She does photography and fanficitions.
:iconprecious15: - my first friend on Fanfiction and the one who recommended me to come here! She is no longer staying here now. Not much people has been giving her love here.
:iconoeve: - a friend from the school I attend. She started my interests in Minecraft and Black Butler.
:icon1997dragonclaw: - a friend of me and Oeve. The three of us go to the same school.
:iconx-vocaxkagene-x: - an international friend who started my interest into Rei Kagene and Dell Honne.
:iconvongentleman: - an acquaintance who started my interest in blankshipping.
I know more people, but I didn't want to say them all.

People I've met at the latest DeviantMeet!
I've met more than who was listed above, but I didn't want to go through them all...

-yaoi (consists of blankshipping "Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet", Skylox "SkydoesMinecraft and DeadloxMC", and more. Those two are my common faves now.)
- Trauma Center/Team
-reading/writing fanfictions
-making art
-making friends
-mature content (I'm seventeen, but I don't care if I am only one more year away to like stuff like this!)

-trolls :icontrollrollplz:
-parent rules
-snakes ^^'

My Shout Outs!!!

- This first one, ever, goes to :iconrefan69: for creating fan art of my most popular fanfiction "Forbidden Relation"! Check out her art and read my fanfic! Here are the links to the pictures thus far!
- Chapter One:…
- Chapter Three "Sorry, no chapter two; may I remind you that parental guidance is advised, for this contains mature material that may be too sensitive to children at a younger age rank" :…
- A shout out for my sister :iconhazeltopaz: for a job well done for her first contest! I won third place, and I can't wait for the prize!
- A shout out for :iconexvashi: for being an awesome person and for recommending some ways to create characters/OCs!
- A new shout out to :iconthebadxapple: for her aid into helping out with my first comic! Watch her and to see her progress!

Here are some other links you can check me out with!

Pleasure to meet you!

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