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FNAF Theories and Evidence
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Upon waiting for my friend to give me another face and arm piece, I told Bonnie not to come to work in his current state. Already, I am spending my time doing homework and studying. My house is quiet as it can ever be, but not in my ears. I was listening to my tunes, drowning out my distractions in beautifully composed notes. What I didn't hear, however, was someone knocking my door. Still, I couldn't hear the door. The person rang the doorbell and knocked. That's when I hear him shout from the other side. "HEY, LET ME IN! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU! AND IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LISTEN TO ME!!!"

Giving up, I remove my headphones and walk over to the front door. I can see the person standing there, his hands stuffed in his pants pockets, eyes darting around. "...Freddy, is that you?" The person then looked back at me and shook his head.

"Does it look like I'm Freddy Fazbear? If I'm Freddy Fazbear, then that makes the golden one my father." This "Freddy" seems to have no association with the Freddy I know. "Look, just call me Eddy. I don't even like the name Freddy. It seems to common to hear as a nickname. Can I just come inside?" Eddy removes his left hand out of his pocket and pushes the door. "It's very important I tell you this first, before my friends can come around and find me." Realizing that the matter seemed rather urgent, I open the door to Eddy.

Eddy DOES look similar to Freddy, but with a few alternations. His hairstyle is a bit smoother, and that one of his bangs has a beige color to it instead of being a pure brown. His face still has the same blue eyes, and his cheeks have the same rosy color as Bonbon. He is also wearing a cafe outfit, but his vest was a darker brown with thin, beige stripes going down to the bottom of the vest. His hat was nothing different, except for the red stripe that circled around it. "My, you look like Freddy's younger brother." And after that, he slapped me straight across the face.


"So, what brings you here to my house during your shift at the pizzeria? Apparently, you want to get yourself in trouble, don't you?" I mutter, holding a towel-wrapped ice pack against my cheek.

Eddy looks down, playing with his bear pin. "I owe you an apology." Wait, he came all the way to apologize for something he hasn't explained yet? "It's because of how you see me now." He's...apologizing for his outer appearance?

"I don't comprehend what you're trying to say. Just beat the bush, not leave it alone." I remove the ice pack from my face and patted his head. "Just tell me what is it you are apologizing for."

"...It's about the Puppet! He told us to hurt your friends, but it was harder for us to do that with our suits." I found myself leaning forward to listen to him. "He gave us a human form, but in exchange for my position as the leader of our group. I thought I get that out of my chest before Bonbon figures out. He's quite the odd one, actually. He tries to go by a girl name with a girl look." My head was picturing what Bonbon looks like, thinking I would see a drag queen.

Understanding Eddy's situation, I hold him close. "You remind me of Freddy, actually. He has a hard time being a leader as well." Eddy looks up at me, his bangs brushing up against his face. "Trust me, Freddy is the one who breaks down into tears just be a simple insult. But that doesn't mean he's weak. You gave your leadership away for two reasons. First, you want to blend in with the rest of us, and two, you feel like you can't do a thing just because you have to make all the decisions for everyone." He nods, accepting the truth. "Being a leader is not about being the head of everyone, but for being the supporter for everyone as well. You make the decision, and you help them make it happen. You shouldn't be discouraged because of some creepy puppet. Don't let him get to you, and you'll be safe."

He finally smiled, and I knew it wasn't faked. It was genuine; he finally got all of his confidence again. It takes a lot to get a confession from the leader.


As the day went by, Freddy's nightmares got even worse, and that it left him with nights without any sleep. That was when his mind became even more distracted, just by seeing a silhouette wonder around in his room.
Fazbear Cafe Chapter 10 - Apology from the Leader
What may be a misunderstanding could result to a new friend. Clarrisa, the young night guard of the Fazbear Cafe, now hears out the understanding of what people are calling "Toy Freddy."

I am working hard at this one story, so I do appreciate it that you leave a comment at the end and tell me what you think! I want to give credit to an artist on Tumblr, for letting me use her character looks of the FNAF cast for this story!…

I will eventually do artwork of the story, as well as concept ideas for Clarissa (Fazbear Cafe's night guard). Also, with the ability to use Google SketchUp 8, I'll try to take the chance to make various buildings that surround the cafe and pizzeria! Look forward to those eventually!

The characters/overall game of FNAF belong to their owners.
I only own the story. Enjoy! :)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
The days were getting colder everyday, and that meant more people staying indoors. I was one of those people, knowing that the cold was never my deal. I constantly thought about Freddy and the others, worrying how they are doing at that orphanage place. But my deepest worry was something else: the new cast of animatronics. Why are they always bashing cruel words at Freddy and the others? I can't even keep myself consintrated right now. Being back in school is the one thing I need; enough to keep me awake with only a few hours of sleep. I wonder if this is what Mike feels like every morning he gets out of his shift. Since I was busy with homework and in-class signments, I can't get any contact with Freddy or Mike. Perhaps they are busy too.
"Good morning, to you lads!" Foxy walks into the cafe, seeing multiple customers enjoying their morning coffee and treats. "Say, has Freddy waken up from his sleep?" He turns to Bonnie, who was finally back on his feet, working.

"Actually, not yet. He sleeps late on a Friday. Don't worry about him. By the way, you know you still need to file out a job application to work here, Foxy." Bonnie walks behind the cashier counter and takes out a sheet of paper. "Really. If you want to work here with us, then fill it out." Foxy looks over the application, and that Bonnie just snatches it back from his hand. "Just kidding. You've been with us for a long time. You don't need to fill one out." Foxy smiled as he pats Bonnie's back.

Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing in response to Freddy's scream. Golden rushes out of the office and heads over to the staff lounge, where he sees his younger brother sitting up on the couch. Freddy was pale from fear, his breathing heavy and eyes completely wide. "Hey, what happened? Did you get that dream again? What did you see this time?" Golden went up to his brother, seeing Freddy lessen his breathing. Several other customers were already looking into the lounge, seeing what has happened.
"I saw him again, and he had more people with him. He had...Mike and Foxy...then you and Chica...then I saw Bonnie, then he came after me. All of us were turned into puppets, and he just used us like toys. Before he can have us do his bidding, I woke up. That's all I know." Freddy was holding onto a pillow close to his body, and that his fast breathing came back. "I don't know if you guys can find that scary, but it is to me!"

One of customers was looking at her phone and handed it to Freddy. "Is this the thing you saw?" Again, it was the same puppet that Mike got scared of. "My kids didn't like it at all. Said it was too scary and it was constantly laughing to itself. I don't know if this helps." Chica looked down at the eerie image, seeing the puppet handing a lucky child a bouncy ball.

"...It might. Thanks, ma'am. I'm sure we can sort something out." All the customers then walked back to their seats, going back to their previous task. "Freddy, we need to figure out what is going on. This is the fifth nightmare you had this week, and it still involves the same dream over and over." Chica sits down next to the brunette and rubbed his back. "If we go back to the pizzeria, I'm sure we can find some answers. But we aren't going during the day."

Foxy, Golden, Bonnie and Freddy then stare at Chica, who has a rather confident smile. "So...we're going during the NIGHT!?"
It was already eleven in the evening, and all five human robots were waiting at the back door entrance. "I don't think we are going to get in as soon as we thought we could." Chica looks around for Mike's jeep, hoping that he shows up.

"We shouldn't worry about him all that much. Maybe he's just running a bit late." Bonnie's ears begin to stiffen, hearing a car pull up behind the building. "Wait, that's his car!" Everyone ran onto the other side of the building and hid in the bushes, waiting for Mike to unlock the back door. "He usually forgets to lock up, so let's hope he does it again." Freddy peeks his head out of the bush to see Mike unlocking the door and entering inside the pizzeria. "What do you see, Freddy?"

"He just went inside, and he DID forget to lock up! Let's go when we have the chance!" Everyone then makes a mad dash into the building, closing the door behind them. "Okay, let's look around for the other animatronics. I saw the blue one a few weeks back, so there's no need to keep an eye out for her. She was being a total jerk to me, and I..." Bonnie points behind Freddy, seeing the same green eyes come out from Bonbon. "...She's right behind me, isn't she?" Foxy nods and lifts his eye-patch to see something else coming down the hallway.

"Just what do you think you are doing here? You guys have no business being here. And Bonnie," Bonbon looks at the purple-haired boy and grips his chin, "you are repaired again? Well, let me fix you up even more." She then kicks Bonnie against the wall, keeping him pinned against it by pushing him against it. She then grabs one of his arms, and starts pulling his fixed left arm again. The arm came off with ease, and she looked rather pleased. Bonnie broke into tears by the immense pain, and he starts to hear something dripping this time. He looks down at his left side and sees something red running down the mass of wires that remained from his arm: blood. "Well, that's a first. Your bodies are already turning human. But you guys are still robots nevertheless."

Foxy then looks at his hook, thinking that it was a part of him completely, and not as an accessory. "'re lying. That's not true at all!" Chica shouted, clenching her hands into fists. "We don't even know how we got like this! All remember is that we were stuffed into suits, and that we woke up to find ourselves like this! You are lying to us!"

With an eerie smile, Bonbon then pulls Bonnie closer to her, her hand over his face. "Want me to prove it? Then I'll prove it to you!" Her hand then gripped onto Bonnie's upper jaw and starts pulling it close to her. Bonnie was struggling, trying to punch her with his other hand. "Aww, how pathetic. Just a little more..." She can see the newly applied face starting to tear, and she gives one last yank. Just like that, the rest hears Bonnie's facial wires snap as his face is torn off once more. Bonnie then fell back, trying to support himself against Foxy's leg. Bonbon smiles again as she lifts Bonnie up from the ground by his hair. "See his skull? It's not bone or human like. It's your ENDOSKELETON, you fools! That still makes you guys a ROBOT, for goodness sake! I hope that this is enough evidence to make you guys give up on all your wishes!" She then throws Bonnie down the hall, hearing him scream as he crashes onto the tile floor.

All the rest ran up to him, seeing if he was all right. Bonbon then moves her glance to something...or someone. "Say, good to see you here. Try to break your little faker." Freddy was helping Foxy carry Bonnie over to the office, hoping that Mike can do something about it. Bonbon kept her smile as she sees the person she was talking to come up closer. This animatronic has a resemblance of Freddy with a lighter color palette: lighter browns, rosy cheeks, and the same blue eyes.

"Does it look like I want to?" He watched the human robots escape into the office, knowing that Bonbon and her allies can't really get in unless they have the open opportunity to. "...I have a better way to get in deeper into those guys. Let's see a special someone..."
The next morning, I return back to the cafe to see Bonnie all damaged again. He sat at his usual seat in the dining hall, reading his book. As he looks up to see me, he points at the pizzeria. I walk inside, not paying attention to his motion. "Say, what about the pizzeria?" Since I already took notice of it, he spoke up.

"Bonbon broke me again. And this time, we are not alone in this. They are outnumbering us by one extra member. It's our five to their six." I sat down next to him, holding his remaining hand. "Mike said that they never acted that way before. He said it may could be that puppet thing telling them to do its bidding." I ponder at that; could that be the case? Does this puppet want the animatronics to hunt these guys down and dismantle them into scrap metal? Or is it something else? Even I don't even know the motives of this cast of characters. But the cast is worth keep track of.
Fazbear Cafe Chapter 9 - The Second Leader
What seemed to be a night for the gang, Freddy and his friends come together to find answers for their uncompromised expectations. However, Bonbon, Bonnie's replacement at the new and improved pizzeria, shatters everyone's fourth wall.

I am working hard at this one story, so I do appreciate it that you leave a comment at the end and tell me what you think! I want to give credit to an artist on Tumblr, for letting me use her character looks of the FNAF cast for this story!…

Not only that, but Mike Schdmit makes a quick cameo appearance in this chapter! Do check out Renee-Moonveil because her design of Mike is what I love to use! Give her some love!

I will eventually do artwork of the story, as well as concept ideas for Clarissa (Fazbear Cafe's night guard). Also, with the ability to use Google SketchUp 8, I'll try to take the chance to make various buildings that surround the cafe and pizzeria! Look forward to those eventually!

The characters/overall game of FNAF belong to their owners.
I only own the story. Enjoy! :)
Foxy the Pirate Fox by flowersun123
Foxy the Pirate Fox
I guess I post this up for people to see. The work does not belong to me (as you can tell, I personally can't compete with THIS!). No, the work belongs to Pole-Bear from Tumblr! Check out her blog and see what else she has done! ...I hope she doesn't come out to get me. 

These designs are used in my FNAF fanfiction: "Fazbear Cafe."

If you want to read the fanfiction, here's a link to all the current chapters so far, plus any other stuff that I've done!…

Now I'm getting to Foxy: the Pirate Fox! After him, we can get to the FNAF2 animatronics! Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's 

Even though he's a pirate, he still remains with his friends. In secret, he plans to do something to help Freddy and the rest to increase money income. Foxy still has his pirate accent, and a dash of humor on his side of things. He even likes to peek at girls' booties (Chica's mostly.) His issue: being mistaken for something else! Being called a dog/coyote/wolf is too much for him! He doesn't care if it was coming from Chica, because he loves her with all his sea-loving heart! :heart: Chica Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's XFoxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's :heart:

Finally! That's all of the old cast! Now we move on to the next animatronics! Toy Freddy Fazbear (FNAF2) Toy Chica (FNAF2) Toy Bonnie (FNAF2) The Mangle (FNAF2) 

Hope you enjoy Pole-Bear's work! She has worked hard on it, so give her some love!
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As of right now, the story is already getting some attention. Somehow, the second installment of FNAF2 has put me on a major road block here! And as of now, I need help from you guys, the readers of this unique FNAF story!

Give me some suggestions about what you want to have! Include your opinions on the different animatronics/characters. What do you really want to happen as major points in the story? Anything else I’m missing? Be sure to let me know as a comment!

This story is worth reading than most cliched FNAF stories that you have been reading. I had a comment that mentioned that this story is very unique than most others. Most of the fanfictions include the animatronics killing the night guard (Mike/Jeremy) and that the stories consists a lot of gore. This one never has that, and it mostly has friendly interaction, along with shocking plot twists. 

I promise you, this story will not become a waste of your time in reading.

So…can I get some help here?

In the meanwhile, check out this person's FNAF artwork! This is the person who inspired me especially in working this story!
- Pole-bear's Artwork

If you help out, I will be sure to mention you in the next chapter!


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I do comics, traditional/digital art and fanfictions. However, I check out people's stuff more than people check out mine. Guess I'm not one of those famous Deviants yet. I will get there soon. I am still in learning in the field of art and literature, but in high school. So basically I am self-taught.

I am also a co-founder of three groups, so feel free to give suggestions in the groups that are featured here.

Got my own ChatRoom! Check it out, and I may talk with you! We may even roleplay!…

People/friends that have go here!
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I know more people, but I didn't want to say them all.

People I've met at the latest DeviantMeet!
I've met more than who was listed above, but I didn't want to go through them all...

-yaoi (consists of blankshipping "Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet", Skylox "SkydoesMinecraft and DeadloxMC", and more. Those two are my common faves now.)
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-trolls :icontrollrollplz:
-parent rules
-snakes ^^'

My Shout Outs!!!

- This first one, ever, goes to :iconrefan69: for creating fan art of my most popular fanfiction "Forbidden Relation"! Check out her art and read my fanfic! Here are the links to the pictures thus far!
- Chapter One:…
- Chapter Three "Sorry, no chapter two; may I remind you that parental guidance is advised, for this contains mature material that may be too sensitive to children at a younger age rank" :…
- A shout out for my sister :iconhazeltopaz: for a job well done for her first contest! I won third place, and I can't wait for the prize!
- A shout out for :iconexvashi: for being an awesome person and for recommending some ways to create characters/OCs!
- A new shout out to :iconthebadxapple: for her aid into helping out with my first comic! Watch her and to see her progress!

Here are some other links you can check me out with!

Pleasure to meet you!

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