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TT X Song Crossover: Perfect Day by flowersun123
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Don't Touch It! by flowersun123
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It was still lunch break for all the staff at the pizzeria, and I see Mike sitting down at one of the tables. He was eating a meat lovers pizza, looking at the toy cast sing songs and play with the kids. I bet he could hear Mangle screaming in the background just by toddlers tearing apart his suit. "Well, I didn't expect to see you here. Should you be at your apartment sleeping?" He turns to be and just nods.

"Well, I just came here for lunch...and to see what these guys are up to. It makes you wonder what they are thinking." Mike runs his finger on the table's edge, looking up at me and following my eyes. "Well, you got some good news and bad news from me."

"Nail me with the bad news." I always wanted to hear the bad news first, so I can get excited for the good news later. For once, Mike takes down his low ponytail, letting his long black locks hang down to his shoulders.

"Well, you are not supposed to meet me for taking the night shift for once." I nod, but my face read confusion. If Mike isn't doing the night shift this time besides me, then who is it that I should meet? "Now, here's the good news. I talked with the person who's taking the night shift this week, and he said you can do one of his days. He said either tomorrow or Friday is your option." I'm already thinking, who is this person I should talk to? Could it be the manager? No, that can't be him; he's not here during the night. It's only that one night guard that stays after hours. I guess I still have questions.


I manage to see Eddy playing with some of the kids in one of the party rooms, and that he was trying to keep himself occupied with the kids. However, he now has his hands full with a snobby boy who took some little girl's toy. He can't seem to keep up with the boy, for he tripped on a ball that some toddler left lying on the floor. As I see the boy run off to his parents, I snatch the toy from his hands. "Hey, do you know what you are doing?"

"Hey, it's okay. I got this." I turn around to see a male security guard walk up behind me. He had a reassuring smile on his face. His blond bangs were hanging down his face, and that he was hiding his blue eyes with them. He takes the toy from me and hands it back to the girl. “Here you go.” He turns his head to the boy, who was crossing his arms and having his pouty face. “You apologize to her, okay? That is not nice of a boy to do that.” The boy started to look up at the security guard, and back at the little girl.

At last, the boy finally calmed himself down and apologized. The guard, Mike and I were just enjoying a large pepperoni pizza while we watched the kid go back to his parents. “Well, you finally got that taken care of. Oh, right! Clarrisa, this is Jeremy Fitzgerald. He’s the night guard I was telling you about." Mike turned my attention to the blond haired security guard. He had a sheepish smile as he looked at me. "He and I are good friends. We used to spend days playing video games and talk about life as normal." I was surprised about Mike and Jeremy being very close. "Jeremy, Clarrisa here wants to take the night shift here for once. Is it okay you can?"

Jeremy looked so uncertain, to the point he was just looking down at his plate of pizza crusts. "I guess, but she already knows about Mangle, does she?" Of course I knew Mangle. "Besides, I think he has some kind of...'thing' for me...?" And obviously, there is more to Mangle than what I'm supposed to know. What else can I know about the rest of the toy animatronics that will be trying to shove my body into a dusty, old Freddy Fazbear suit? Oh, I know: one of them has a thing for cute men! ...Good thing I'm a woman.


After another pizza and playing some video games and Vocaloid dancing, Jeremy trusts me enough to let me run his shift for once without letting the boss know. It was already 11:55 in the evening, and I am waiting for the alarm to ring to signal the start of the shift. As I wait for the passing minutes, I hear the phone ring on the desk. Amidst the running fan, I pick up the phone and answer the call. The voice I hear is slightly weak, but still familiar.

"Hello? Hello?? Hey, long time no see, Clarrisa! If you don't remember me, my name is Preston Gales. I was told by Jeremy to give you the outline of the place." That name is also familiar, as if I heard that name before. Plus, how does he know me? I guess I can answer all that another day.

"So, you are aware that the animatronics move at night, right? Mike has already told you that, and I'm sure you seen them all. Well, you've seen all but one. And trust me, I never liked the one I'm going to tell you about. This animatronic can only get to your office if you leave a music box unwound for a long time. If it runs out, there's no way to get it back into the room it came from. Be sure you check the camera that shows the prize corner and wind up the music box once in a while." I paid full attention to Preston's instructions, writing down everything that he said and asking questions if I need to.

His talking kept up until three o' clock in the morning, and I was shocked that no animatronics have started their assault to the office. Perhaps they are giving me a break since I wasn't the typical night guard. The music box, mysteriously, was completely empty. I try to wind it up again, but it wasn't winding. With even more guts than Jeremy, I take the flashlight and the Freddy head and depart from the office. That's when I hear some other voice besides my own breathing. It sounded more human, deep even.

"Shut up, you piece of junk! Stay in there! You...are...not...getting...out!" I peer into the prize corner to see another person nearby some giant box. He had a knife in one hand, and a roll of duct tape in the other. He seals the box shut, cutting the excess with the knife. "Whew...he's one not to f*** around with. I better get out of here before that rotten Freddy F***boy comes out to make me wear his suit. I used that thing more times than he ever did!* His speech sounded drunk, as if he was sneaking booze into the place. I can even smell the light fragrance of cigarette smoke and alcohol wafting in the air. Without me knowing, he bumps into me, drunk as ever.

He looks right at me, and that somehow got him sober enough to realize who he was looking at. "Oh, sorry. I was...making your job easier." His uniform was different from mine, all the blue being replaced with his purple. Even his badge is different from mine. "My name is Phillip. Yours?" He offers his non-dangerous hand, waiting for me to shake it.

"Clarrisa. Nice to meet you, Phillip." I shake his hand, and his own was trembling. "Hey, are you on night shift with me? Jeremy never told me I would have someone else working with me today." Phillip's eyes lit up, and I can tell he was going to cough up a lie. "No, don't speak. Tell me why you are here." I take the knife that was in his hand and proceeded to the box. "You must have a reason for taping up the box. Is something wrong with it?"

Phillip gulped as I remove the tape off the box, backing away towards the office. He can then hear me shout, "WHY IS THIS PUPPET THING HERE!?" That's when this Puppet thing that Mike was talking about lunged itself out of its box and pounces Phillip on top of it. "Um...what just happened?" I walk over to the two of them, only to see the puppet in a more humanoid form: human structure, black coat, freaky pale skin, and creepy eyes that almost seem the same as Golden Freddy's eyes.

"I got this guy! You just stay in the office, got it!?" He commanded me, forcing me to move my legs over to the office. I just stared in odd curiosity, wondering why he would want to keep the Puppet in his box. I see the two of them wrestling with each other, and that’s when I forgot something: the other animatronics! I can hear some of the other animatronics moving around the building, especially Toy Bonnie, who was trying to get to the commotion. “What are you standing there!? Get the hell out of here!” Phillip finally pins the Puppet down, only to get slapped in the face and becoming unconscious afterwards. Who knew popping out of the box was that easy…
Fazbear Cafe Chap. 12 - Popping Out of the Box
To open up some more answers, Clarrisa takes a chance to seek a moment as the night guard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. As she seeks for answers, she is interrupted by a sudden man in purple. Who is this mysterious person? Who knows for sure...

I am working hard at this one story, so I do appreciate it that you leave a comment at the end and tell me what you think! I want to give credit to an artist on Tumblr, for letting me use her character looks of the FNAF cast for this story!…

For Mike Schmidt, the version I am using belongs to Renee-Moonveil originally. Check out her "FoxyXChica" comic; and don't ask if more will come out. She is waiting for FNAF 3 so she can make more ideas for it, so do read "Iggy's Loss" for once. It's really good, and I really recommend it!

Sadly, I won't be able to make my layouts of the places using my SketchUp tool. However, I can still make Clarrisa. I might hold a contest to who can make her appearance! 

The characters/overall game of FNAF belong to their owners.
I only own the story. Enjoy! :) (Smile)
Today is my 19th birthday, and I am looking forward for more birthday blessings to come!

To just break the ice, what do watchers...want to see me do more? Do you want to see comics? Or how about fanfictions? More art can sound nice, doesn't it? It depends on you!

Let me know in the comments, so I can be aware of your answers.

In the meanwhile, happy birthday to me! Have some cake (even though it's a lie!) :cake:
AGG Falling in Love with You by flowersun123
AGG Falling in Love with You
I'm falling in love with you,
Tell me what I'm supposed to do.
I'll do whatever I could,
Just to be one step closer to you.

OMG, I am obsessed with Ayakashi Ghost Guild! And now, I am obsessed with one of Hatsune Miku's songs: Right Now I'm Falling in Love with You. Want to hear the version I used for this picture? Find the link below the description!

I was reading some AGG fanfictions, and I ran across one that involved two of my favorite characters from the story mode: Professor Yata and Emperor Sutoku (don't judge me!) Now I ship those two; I think they look so cute together! Want to read the fanfiction? Find it in below the description.


Bullet; Black Started yesterday night and finished it this morning. 

Bullet; Black I didn't want to use the original looks because they are so complicated. And plus, there is no confirmation of Yata being an official daemon to obtain. So all I had to use of him is just his head and some part of this torso. So instead of using the original outfits, I dressed both of them in Japanese, male school uniforms. I had to look up some as reference. However, I had to use some things from both to differentiate them from average students (Yata's ridiculously complex head piece and Sutoku's vest.) Want to know what I'm saying? Both of their Wiki Pages are below the description.

Bullet; Black Lazy background, I know. 

Song Arrow left
Fanfiction Arrow left…
Professor Yata's Wiki Page Arrow left…
Emperor Sutoku's Wiki Page Arrow left…

Now that is done! Hope you enjoy!
Today is my 19th birthday, and I am looking forward for more birthday blessings to come!

To just break the ice, what do watchers...want to see me do more? Do you want to see comics? Or how about fanfictions? More art can sound nice, doesn't it? It depends on you!

Let me know in the comments, so I can be aware of your answers.

In the meanwhile, happy birthday to me! Have some cake (even though it's a lie!) :cake:


flowersun123's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I do comics, traditional/digital art and fanfictions. However, I check out people's stuff more than people check out mine. Guess I'm not one of those famous Deviants yet. I will get there soon. I am still in learning in the field of art and literature, but in high school. So basically I am self-taught.

I am also a co-founder of three groups, so feel free to give suggestions in the groups that are featured here.

Got my own ChatRoom! Check it out, and I may talk with you! We may even roleplay!…

People/friends that have go here!
:iconhazeltopaz: - my older troll/sister. She does photography and fanficitions.
:iconprecious15: - my first friend on Fanfiction and the one who recommended me to come here! She is no longer staying here now. Not much people has been giving her love here.
:iconoeve: - a friend from the school I attend. She started my interests in Minecraft and Black Butler.
:icon1997dragonclaw: - a friend of me and Oeve. The three of us go to the same school.
:iconx-vocaxkagene-x: - an international friend who started my interest into Rei Kagene and Dell Honne.
:iconvongentleman: - an acquaintance who started my interest in blankshipping.
I know more people, but I didn't want to say them all.

People I've met at the latest DeviantMeet!
I've met more than who was listed above, but I didn't want to go through them all...

-yaoi (consists of blankshipping "Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet", Skylox "SkydoesMinecraft and DeadloxMC", and more. Those two are my common faves now.)
- Trauma Center/Team
-reading/writing fanfictions
-making art
-making friends
-mature content (I'm seventeen, but I don't care if I am only one more year away to like stuff like this!)

-trolls :icontrollrollplz:
-parent rules
-snakes ^^'

My Shout Outs!!!

- This first one, ever, goes to :iconrefan69: for creating fan art of my most popular fanfiction "Forbidden Relation"! Check out her art and read my fanfic! Here are the links to the pictures thus far!
- Chapter One:…
- Chapter Three "Sorry, no chapter two; may I remind you that parental guidance is advised, for this contains mature material that may be too sensitive to children at a younger age rank" :…
- A shout out for my sister :iconhazeltopaz: for a job well done for her first contest! I won third place, and I can't wait for the prize!
- A shout out for :iconexvashi: for being an awesome person and for recommending some ways to create characters/OCs!
- A new shout out to :iconthebadxapple: for her aid into helping out with my first comic! Watch her and to see her progress!

Here are some other links you can check me out with!

Pleasure to meet you!

A Stamp For All U Enderlox Lovers by HerobrineisMINE

Chair (OC) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Stephano Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

I Support Hazeltopz Stamp by Sugaree33-Art

Support Stamp for Sugaree33 by Astrikos

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